Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software fails certification

Here’s a link with more info. Don’t be alarmed. Be prepared! Since no antivirus software by itself can keep your PC completely safe, here’s a checklist, courtesy of Steven Boots, MVP. Please let us know if we can help implement these and monitor them over time:

Settings to check:

  • Windows Firewall is enabled.
  • All important/critical updates, including service packs for the operating system and programs are installed.
  • Internet Explorer is at version 8 or 9 and updated with all patches, SmartScreen Filter and Pop-up Blocker are enabled and Internet Security settings are at least set to medium-high (default).
  • On Vista and Windows 7 make sure that User Account Control (UAC) ON and not running with elevated privileges.
  • Make sure that Windows Automatic Updates are set to at least notify, but the preferred setting is to download and install automatically. Even better, subscribe to a service that tests updates and makes sure they’re installed in good time, or lets your I.T. manager know.
  • Make sure that installed applications, especially Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, and Java are at their latest versions. A good monitoring and updating service will manage this for you or alert your I.T. manager.

Browsing conduct:

  • Never click through links from unknown sources and use caution even if they are from a “trusted” source. Practice safe web browsing.
  • Never open unsolicited email attachments.
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