How to lose files with online drives

dropbox150x191With increasing use and dependence on online services, it’s tempting to begin using more of their features without mastering details that can result in data loss. Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive offer online “drives” that “save” and synchronize files for sharing, etc.
Be warned however, these are not backups! You can still inadvertently overwrite your files and find you’re unable to restore them if you rely solely on these services to protect your files. I know.
GoogleDrive153x148This happened to me recently when I inadvertently saved an edited file in a folder on my PC that’s shared with an online drive, that I’d intended instead to save to another folder. It turned out that I’d overwritten the original. The online drive sync software dutifully sync’ed my overwritten file to their drive. Because I also have a backup system however, I was able to restore the file I’d mistakenly overwritten.
OneDrive175x135The file synchronization feature we find so compelling prevents file version protection that backups provide. Since synchronization and services like these are here to stay, the answer is to add a backup system, especially one with the versioning and restore capabilities you need. We can help set this up for your business or organization too.

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